Kellie has her own freelance editing business called Edit. Revise. Perfect., and she works with clients from around the world. She specializes in developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. She's worked with poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, though her favorite genres to edit is science fiction and fantasy. She has contract work with Desert Palm Press, as well as individual clients. Below is the most recently published work Kellie edited.

Book: The Broken Coil
Author: Sy Itha
Published Date: February 9, 2016
Publisher: Desert Palm Press

About the Book:

"Secluded in the Dainlock Woods, Jacquelyn Fletcher makes her living trading furs and occasionally escorting travelers through the dangerous forest. Disguised as a man, she hides from the mistakes of her past. As a favor to an old friend, she finds herself agreeing to guide Avalon, a Paladin of Sel, through the woods to safety. All Avalon has known is the temple life. When her fellow Paladin is murdered, Avalon is framed for the crime and must flee her home to find the source of the attack. Her only clue is an ancient tome that she is unable to decipher. Traveling with the ranger Fletcher, Avalon thinks she is safe. Neither of them realize the danger that follows them. "

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