Social Media & Marketing

When I first entertained the idea of going into publishing, I never saw myself diving into social media or marketing. However, I found experimenting with social media techniques and crafting unique marketing plans for books is quite fun. Things change so fast in the social media and marketing world, and what works for one project might not work for the next. It’s an exciting challenge.

Social Media

I was an intern for Ripple Grove Press, a family-owned children’s picture book publishing company, for six months. During my time there, I helped with writing copy, acquisitions, research, event staffing, and design. One of my projects was to design a social media marketing push, creating a company Instagram and Tumblr account and generating content for it. I also created content for their existing Twitter account.

During the two months I was in charge of their Instagram and Tumblr, I generated over 170 new followers for the company. There was also a noticeable uptick in Twitter followers and click-throughs to the Ripple Grove Press website. Here is a link to my Storify account for some of the Instagram-specific content I created and utilized for their company. 


Marketing Campaigns & Pitch Letters
My final project for my Transmedia Marketing class was to create a how-to guide for a digital scavenger hunt. I crafted this entire marketing campaign, filling out the first section as if Ooligan would pursue it for their Young Adult title A Series of Small Maneuvers. Additionally, we had to create a theoretical pitch letter and a media artifact for specific companies as if we were asking them to partner with us in a campaign for Small Maneuvers. This is my theoretical pitch to the 4-H Club, detailing the project, some social media posts, and a media artifact.

Sales Plans
One of the projects for my Business of Book Publishing class was to create sales plans for imagined books and authors, as if we were acquiring them for our mock publishing company. This is a theoretical sales plan for an imagined YA Fantasy book called Magics of Aluraia.

 Press Releases
For my Book Marketing class we got the chance to create a theoretical press release for the Hawthorn title White Matter. This allowed me to stretch my InDesign skills and design a press release with some pizazz. You can find that press release here