Writing & Editing

Writing and editing go hand in hand in the publishing world, and I’m fortunate enough to love them both. I originally started out as a writer, penning both fiction (as seen in my Books section) and nonfiction. Editing is one of my passions in publishing, though, and helping authors to polish their work is one of the most rewarding aspects for me. Being part of both worlds—a writer and an editor—allows me to strengthen my work in those worlds.


Ooligan Press
At Ooligan Press I got the opportunity to craft my skills by writing many things, ranging from social media posts and press releases to website copy and marketing materials. (I can also create a kickass resume, if you need help with that.) One of the opportunities was to pen blogposts about publishing. I’ve written a variety of posts, for both general publishing knowledge and Start to Finish. Start to Finish blogposts are monthly updates written by project managers about their projects. This allows our readers to gain an inside look about how we operate at Ooligan and how our projects are coming along. Since I was a co-manager for Write to Publish 2016 and Comin’ In Over the Rock, I wrote about those. Here are a few examples:
Conquering the Pitch
Conferences—Waste of Time or Worth Your While
My Editing Past and Future
Write to Publish Is Getting Closer
Onto the Next Project, Comin' In Over the Rock

PSU Chronicles Blogger
During my time at PSU, I was also a Chronicles blogger for my second year. I blogged about giving thanks, tabling, and keeping it weird at PSU, among many other things. You can find my blogposts here.

Personal Blog
In my free time, I maintain a personal blog about writing, publishing, editing, and general life updates. You can find that blog here.


Chicago Manual of Style
As an editor, I strive for the four C's: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. I have experience in developmental, copyediting, and proofreading, using the Chicago Manual of Style as my main style guide. You can find examples of copyediting and developmental letters I wrote for my graduate classes here, as well as the corresponding copyediting sample and developmental notes. (Please note: That page is password protected.) 

Associated Press Style
I have experience with AP style, working at the PSU Vanguard for three terms at PSU (summer, fall, winter). I copyedited over seventy articles during my time at the Vanguard and was consistently praised for my quick and concise work. Some of the articles include Donald Trump: The scariest man in America, Give Molly a second chance, and Instagram, social media, and why documenting your every meal may actually be okay

As a freelance editor, I’ve also developmentally edited manuscripts for Desert Palm Press. I've included a few of the covers below.

 Feel free to contact me for additional samples of my work!