Design was an area I was fascinated with but never pursued before. During my time at PSU, I had the chance to chase after this interest. I've gained skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and while I do have some experience, I hope to learn and grow in this area.

Cover Designs

Regardless of the phrase, we do judge books by their covers. Here are some designs I crafted, using both Illustrator and InDesign. 

The Mathematics Education and Society cover was chosen for a specialized project we did at Ooligan. The Peter Pan cover was for a design class. The Rhythm in the Rain cover was one of my favorites from the Ooligan cover design process.

Interior Designs

A good interior design is one you don't notice. It's a craft I discovered and honed in this program, using Adobe InDesign. Be sure to click on the links to see the designs in their entirety.

Conference Program
Brooke Hartman of the Alaska Writers Guild asked me to craft their 2015 and 2016 conference programs for freelance projects. Of course I said yes! 

Magazine Spread
I created a magazine spread featuring Emma Watson for one of my design classes, using an article and photos I found online. 

Book Interior
I had the opportunity to craft the entire interior design of Peter Pan for another design class. I've included a ten-page sample, but if you'd like to see the whole manuscript, let me know!